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Adore Me

Founded in 2011 as an online lingerie start-up, Adore Me has evolved into a direct-to-consumer womenswear brand spanning numerous categories designed for women of all sizes and budgets in all phases of life.

Content Strategy
Visual design
Quality assurance testing
Successful Digital Ad Campaigning
Case Study

The womenswear brand offers a unique try-at-home commerce service and a model that seeks to make sustainable clothing affordable and available to all consumers. They saw a 39% lower cost per new customer from ad creative designed for and delivered in Reels compared to its typical ad creative running in multiple Meta placements.

The Goal

Increasing sales with new audiences: Adore Me wanted to determine whether using video ad creative specifically designed for Meta’s Reels placement could help it efficiently boost sales of the Elite Box (its try-at-home subscription) among potential customers.

/ The Solution

Trying on new ways to engage

For years, Adore Me has successfully grown its business with strategic advertising campaigns across Meta apps. As the brand looked at how it could continue to find new ways to reach new audiences, it recognized the opportunity to take advantage of the Reels ads placement. The team set up a three-cell A/B to determine if using Reels, and ad creative tailored for it, could outperform the brand’s usual ad creative delivered across all placements.

/ Approach

The team served the ads to a broad audience of US females aged 18 and over. By using Advantage+ placements in its non-Reels test cell. Adore Me enabled Meta to run the ads where they were most likely to deliver the best results at any given time. The brand also used Advantage campaign budget in each test cell to automatically distribute spend across the best-performing ad sets in real time and automatic advanced matching to accurately attribute online sales back to specific purchasers.

/ The Result

A winning creative formula

Adore Me determined the results of its 17 May – 17 July 2022 test campaign using a conversion lift study, which revealed tremendously higher reach at very low acquisitional cost.

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