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Headquartered in Toronto, GRIT Developments is a dynamic and diverse corporation with premium real estate and property development at its core whilst also specializing in a selection of investment verticals and asset management sectors.

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However, even a titan like GRIT faced its share of challenges. The company grappled with a lack of compelling content suitable for showcasing its opulent portfolio on social media platforms. A critical gap existed in terms of a unified brand strategy across all social platforms, hindering the company’s ability to communicate its overall experience and highlight its extensive features.

/ Our Approach

To address these challenges, our team at Virtual Victory devised a comprehensive strategy for GRIT Developments. We introduced a unique hashtag to stimulate user-generated campaigns, enhancing brand engagement. With a focus on increasing awareness, we executed strategic promotions and ads to captivate and connect with the audience. Our design team created a unique photo filter that rendered the Instagram grid visually enticing.

This strategic choice was part of a broader visual brand strategy that incorporated a themed color palette, presenting an elite lifestyle to users. For content creation, we conducted a professional 3D renders, photos and video shoots to capture all the facilities and services that GRIT Developments offers, ensuring that the audience could experience the properties firsthand through visually stunning videos and imagery.
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